The Truth of Things

“It is not because things are difficult that we do not dare; it is because we do not dare that they are difficult.” Seneca There hasn’t been a post here for awhile. A long while. I received such amazing feedback about a few of my older posts that I shut down. Nothing...

The Space Between

Some days the current of the space between flows like a slow lazy river, taking it’s time. Supple and enjoyable. Its hand dangling in the water of life. Sipping a cup of coffee. Hearing every sound that the world makes. Languishing.

Are you worthy?

Once upon a time, I was taught to believe that I was unworthy.

Words Define

On a bright cheery morning as I scrolled through my social feeds, I came across a small post that was about changing the verbiage from “I am sorry” to “Thank You.” It went a little something like this: “lately I’ve been replacing my “i’m sorry’s” with “thank you’s,”...

Being Love

A few years ago, I was brought the lesson of hate, haters, negativity. I was brought this lesson in the form of those people who “love” us. I was brought this lesson by those people who I had thought were my greatest supporters.

Playing Small

For years, I was told I was “too intense” and that I should “tone it down a notch” and other similar statements from people who were uncomfortable with me being me. I am loud, animated. I talk with my hands. I have been asked, more than a few...

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