We Get Clear

“I think perhaps we want a more conscious life.” Sinclair Lewis


Are these things you crave? To live an intentional, authentic life? To make conscious and conscientious choices that align with your value system?

Do you want to focus on Progress rather than Perfection?

Here is where we will create a partnership. Together we will create the foundation for your regeneration into a life of value. Value that you define for yourself. Not what I define for you and not what others have defined for you in the past.  To define what “value” means to you and how to best achieve that value.

For me, value means time with my family and friends, quality experiences, travel, books, music, and life long learning. My day to day activities facilitate that life of value.

My techniques and process help bring to the forefront your outstanding ideas, issues, obstacles, challenges, support systems, successes, and desires so that we can get a CLEAR look at them.

From there we create a prioritization action plan and get you stepping in the direction of your dreams.This isn’t an overnight process. We begin with a nine week session – four weeks intensive followed by one week break to catch up, wrap your head around anything that hasn’t gelled, get a little extra attention before we dive back into the final four weeks where we shape it all into the road you are called to travel.

Stop trying to grow the largest tree in the forest. Let me show you how to take the seeds, plant them, and cultivate your own personally shaped bonsai. Be prepared for brutally honest, no punches pulled, get-to-the-heart of your delays work.

You are an individual. Step out of those one-size-fits-all courses. I promise, you can have them back when we are done. But let’s get you pointed in the right direction to choose the one that will work with you.

Everyone needs help from time to time. How can I help you?

Here are what some past partners have said:

“You make it very simple for me”
“You break it down”
“I get overwhelmed very easily”
“How you talk to me, you’ve simplified it to how I can take it.”
“Honored to have you in my tribe.”
“You’re the best at systems”
“I’m moving right along with my goals and it is all because of your help so “THANK YOU”!!!!! “
“I honestly don’t think I would be where I am right now without your encouragement.”
“This is helping more than I can describe – having that someone to keep me accountable.”
“Joyce’s style is interesting to quantify. Its a whole lot of intuitive wisdom with a cut-to-the chase twist.
“You helped me clarify what was important to me. I had so many ideas, so many life issues and other things rolling around in my head that it made it hard to grasp anything at all. Your questions you asked me help me to narrow down or clarify what I wanted and felt passionate about.”
“Your coaching questions help me think and took me down another path I don’t think I would have thought of.”

Fee Schedule:
All new and potential friends will start with a 30 minute session – at no cost to you except your time, your honesty, and your willingness to grow.

During that session, we will chat and get to know each other and determine of we are a good fit. Truth be told, not every coach/client relationship can be a success. I would rather refer you to one of my peers than have less than success in our progress together.

Fees are developed on a case-by-case basis and relative to the work we will be doing together.

To request our one-on-one 30 minute chat session, complete the contact form below.

“Something deep in the human heart breaks at the thought of a life of mediocrity.” —C.S. Lewis


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