Yoga With Me

Are you someone who has always wanted to try yoga, but was hesitant to go to a public class? I’ve been there. I am still there sometimes.

It can be intimidating to walk into a yoga studio where everyone seems to know everyone else.

  • You might have heard that yoga is a spiritual practice and wonder if it will be in conflict with your spiritual beliefs.
  • Or you might have seen all those fancy (and expensive) yoga clothes in the latest hipster magazine and know those aren’t for you, but wonder if you can show up in your trusty, comfy work out gear.
  • You might have tried a video on YouTube and not had a clue what all those strange words were.
  • Or you might think your body will never do all of those funky poses you saw on someone’s Instagram.

I get it.

Yoga classes in studios are a great way to learn about yoga and have the ability to see the potential for where your practice can go. Being in a class with others allows you to see the possibilities of a pose or range of motion reflected back to you in another students practice. But it can be challenging to get that one on one attention that helps you move your practice forward or addresses your personal needs.

I offer Yoga as it was originally taught: one teacher to one student. This allows me to work individually with you to help move your practice forward and help you achieve the confidence you desire. I offer personalized coaching and resources in a space where you and I can meet privately or in a small group.

Group coaching for retreats, events, corporate outings and other events also available.

Use the form below to contact me regarding scheduling and rates. Coaching available in person and via web chat (Skype, Google Hangout, FaceTime).

Pricing may include travel if appropriate. Package pricing is available.

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