Driftseed Yoga

“Atha Yoga anushasanam”

Translation: “Now, after having done prior preparation through life and other practices, the study and practice of yoga begins.” Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras, 1.1.

A driftseed drops from a tree and floats along the currents of the water until it finds a new home to take root. In yoga, we call this Bija.

I founded Driftseed Yoga in 2017 as a way to provide students with those seeds to inspire them as they nourish their own body, mind, and spirit. The focus is move beyond asana practice and provide access to the eight limbs of yoga to aid students in their path to expansion. To welcome students into their own journey of self exploration (svadhaya), beginning on the mat, but not ending there. It is my mission to inspire my students on their own journey of transformation.

Workshops coming soon! See the ‘Yoga With Me’ section for details and contact form to request one on one or group sessions.

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