Who I am

Hello and welcome! Thank you for visiting.

I have a passion for simplicity, self-improvement, holistic wellness. Mind, Body, Spirit – they are all connected. And we are all connected. To each other and to the world around us. As we care for ourselves and others, we are cared for.

I spent too many years trying to be the hyper-organized wife and mother that had the perfectly cleaned house, the corporate job, the white picket fence, and all the trappings. I bought ‘stuff’ in an attempt to fill the hole that was growing in my soul but was also aware that the hole was getting bigger with every purchase, every night spent cleaning or organizing, every moment at that job with the work I loved doing, but was also smothering me.

What finally closed that hole in my soul was finding and becoming myself again. Leaving behind all those things that were not serving me.

So, who am I?



I am a woman, a mom, a partner, a girlfriend, a friend, a teacher, a student, an author, a blogger, an essential oils educator, a minimalist striving everyday towards my most intentional life. And much, much more.

I am a fellow traveller through life. I am a work in progress. I am always evolving.

I Am. Those are powerful words, aren’t they? I. Am.

I am a person who delights in sharing my journey with others while sharing in their journey. And I am someone who wants to help you have the most authentic, intentional life that you possibly can. I want you to feel the blessings I feel everyday rather than whatever weight is pressing on you.

I have taken my experiences and skill sets and combined them with my passions to create a practice that allows me the opportunity to help you learn to focus on what serves you in your life while leaving behind those things that don’t without using a cookie cutter model or formula.

I will help you learn to live without the chaos. And love it.

Together let us live a life with more value, clarity, and meaning. A life of intention.

Together, there is no limit to what we can accomplish!

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