The Embodied Gratitude Experience


The Embodied Gratitude Experience

The Embodied Gratitude Experience

Consider this your invitation to a unique 21-day experience. I use the word “experience” rather than challenge. This isn’t a challenge. It is an opportunity to turn your Gratitude practice into more – into an embodied experience. 

It is my goal with this program that as you experience the practice of gratitude in these various presentations, you will find the style of practice that truly resonates with you. And from there you can begin to cultivate your own expressions of gratitude.

I found gratitude as a practice at a time when I thought my life could not possibly get any worse.

I have found that Gratitude as one of your foundational pillars strengthens the others.

I found that by making small changes and cultivating a life of Gratitude, you can actually change every aspect of your life for the better

During the next few weeks, I will demonstrate for you, and show you how to demonstrate for yourself, that creating a sincere dedicated practice of daily gratitude will make significant impacts on your life, for the better.

Are you ready to change your life?

A few of the benefits you’ll gain from this Experience:

  • Learn different ways to experience Gratitude beyond the typical Gratitude Journal 
  • Begin to create Gratitude for yourself
  • Utilize Gratitude to reduce stress
  • Feel connected more frequently throughout the day
  • Tap into the power of Gratitude to create more confidence and self-esteem
  • Create a sustainable practice of Gratitude
  • Learn to use Gratitude to create a foundation of stability to help you even in stressful situations
  • Cultivate a daily Gratitude practice that remains a part of your day even after the 21 days

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“I have the pleasure of taking this course. Every day, the prompts are so thought provoking and help you to dig deep to develop your gratitude practice. I find myself throughout my days thinking “thank you for …” Over and over. I could not recommend this course more!” E.H. Nov 2020


Mosaic Starfish’s Embodied Gratitude course gave me some excellent ideas for improving self-management skills. As one of the four cornerstones of Emotional Intelligence, self-management pairs deliberate action with understanding our own emotions. I will not only be incorporating these techniques myself, but I will also be recommending them to my clients.
John Cunningham – Personal Development Coach – The Effective Communicator Jan 2021

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