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For more than 30 years, essential oils have been an active part of my life.

What began as an all natural way to keep our counters clean has expanded to include facial care, supplements, even the weight management shake I use!

I grew up in a home where nature was important. Using toxic chemicals simply for the sake of simplicity was deeply discouraged. I have carried those beliefs with me into adulthood and my own home.

With so much information available these days about phalates and parabens and toxins in our products, it can get confusing what to choose and what to avoid. Even essential oils can be unsafe if used improperly.

We hear news every day about autoimmune diseases, chronic illness, endocrine disruptors and more. How can we possibly keep up with it all while still managing all the day to day activities of our everyday life?

Simply put: you can’t.

And you don’t have to.

I have made this education a focal point of my life’s work regardless of what industry I was earning my living in at the time. This is more than my passion. The health and wellness of my family and yours is vital to me.

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