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The Embodied Gratitude Experience

It is finally here!!

The Embodied Gratitude Experience…. I have been working on this project throughout 2020. I am extremely excited to bring this to you FINALLY!

I have spent the past few years researching the science behind gratitude, as well as the physical and mental changes you can bring to your life with a consistent gratitude practice. I had the great fortune to practice my concepts in speciality yoga workshops. And then …. 2020. 

I can’t complain, though. 2020 forced me to reassess how I was bringing the experience of embodied gratitude into the world. Redesign it. Reimagine it. Make it available online. 

I did what so many others did this year … “pivot” ! {Insert the voice of Ross Geller here }. I took to my drawing board and my writing table and dug out my research books to bring you this 21 day EXPERIENCE designed to help you become EMBODIED with gratitude. 

I know you are seeing that word everywhere these days, “embodied” is definitely one of the buzzwords for 2020, but what does it mean? Embodied, as defined by means: 

  • to give a concrete form to;
  • express, personify, or exemplify in concrete form
  • to provide with a body; incarnate; make corporeal:

Doesn’t that sound divine? 

What is this Experience anyway? 
I have created for you, a 21-day active practice that includes a variety of ways for you to experience gratitude within your own being.

Some will be easy, others will challenge you to stretch; to respond; to actively create positive changes within yourself. To BECOME gratitude. 

Embodied Gratitude _Maltz Quote
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From my perspective, when we create a gratitude journal, which is a very common practice and a great first step, we are simply acquiring information. Reminders of the people, things, and experiences for which we are grateful. But when we become ACTIVE with our practice … then we begin to EXPERIENCE gratitude. It vibrates within us. We become magnetic. And when THAT happens, we begin to form new neural patterns within our brain. We are able to bring calm to our nervous system begins in response to those new patterns. 

In other words, we become EMBODIED with Gratitude. 

How it works:
Once you create your profile and log in, a new experience will be published to you each day for 21 days. 

This is a self paced experience, not a challenge, not a time bound event. If you are really enjoying the activity of a particular day and want to work with it more, do that. The next day will become available to you in 24 hours, but you may move into the next experience whenever you are ready. You will have access for as long as you want. 

There is only one “rule” – you MUST practice one of the activities every day for the full 21 days.

We’ve all heard about the studies of habits and 21 days to create a new habit and all that. … the 21 days has been disproven, but the power of new habits through repitition is true, and necessary if you truly want to have the benefits of the practice. Hopefully you will choose one or two to carry forward beyond the 21 days. 

What you will find inside

All experiences have a written portion for you to read and a prompt that you can download and take with you. Most have an audio component, as well.

Read the text, the longest one will take less than five minutes. Download the prompt if you choose. Then listen to the audio if there is one (the few that have no audio have a note at the beginning – you won’t have to guess). Do the activity while you listen to the audio or after, the choice is yours. The experience, is yours. 

Note: This first release contains NO video. I know, I know…that’s odd for an online program these days. But this is YOUR experience. If you are focused on watching a video of me talking, you will miss out on some of the benefits. Trust me on this. 

There is a comment section on each day. Feel free to read the comments of prior participants and leave your own if you choose. There is also a Facebook page if you like those. Private. For EGE attendees only. Link to join is inside the Experience. 

You are welcome to repeat these experiences whenever you choose to. Come back in a month and repeat day 15, if you want. Or day 7. You get my drift. Consider this a tool in your tool kit. 

Quietly launched to a small group in the fall of 2020, The Embodied Gratitude Experience is receiving amazing feedback. I am so grateful for the kind words and feedback. 

Will you join them and me for a unique 21 Day Experience as we journey into Embodied Gratitude? Early access pricing is only $35 USD.  

I look forward to seeing you inside. 

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