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I share my musings over at Hop on over to check out my latest post:  

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It has been some time since I posted over at I invite you all to come check it out. One note ~ the image in the post is NOT my office…. my office WAS much, much worse… Before: I will save the ‘after’ pictures for a big...

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My latest post for is out. Click here for more. When you’re done, stick around and read some of the other contributor’s work.  

I Want to be more Dedicated

Come on over to and check out my most recent post: While you’re there, browse through what the other contributing writers are sharing. Make it a great day!

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I guest blog at Come on over and see what I have to say in that space as well as read some awesome stuff from my friends and colleagues. Visit, stay for awhile. My latest post from earlier this week:

Guest Blogging

In case you didn’t know, I guest blog over at You can catch me there a couple of times a month. Usually I remember to cross post, but not always. Even if I do remember, you should check it out anyway. The blogging team has a lot of diversity in...

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