I don’t mention it as often as I should, but I guest blog over at This is an older post, but it was republished just this past weekend. I hope you hop over, check it out, and enjoy. While you’re there, please also check out the other...

The Choice Is In The Action You Take

My latest guest post is available on While you’re there, check out the musings from the other authors.

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I share my musings over at Hop on over to check out my latest post:  

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I guest blog at Come on over and see what I have to say in that space as well as read some awesome stuff from my friends and colleagues. Visit, stay for awhile. My latest post from earlier this week:

Guest Blogging

In case you didn’t know, I guest blog over at You can catch me there a couple of times a month. Usually I remember to cross post, but not always. Even if I do remember, you should check it out anyway. The blogging team has a lot of diversity in...

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