I listen to the wind, to the wind of my soul.” Cat Stevens

There is a space between all things.

Between the breath. In…. out….In…. 

Between the foot falls as we walk. As we hurry from this space to that. 

Between one bite of dinner and the next. As we chew, gulp, chew. 

Between life’s events. As we rush from place to place.  

Between items on a to-do list. Crossed off with abandon as we move from one to the other. 

That space is a transition. It is the fluidity that exists in between this thing and the next. A current, flowing.

Some days the current of the space between flows like a slow lazy river, taking it’s time. Supple and enjoyable. Its hand dangling in the water of life. Sipping a cup of coffee. Hearing every sound that the world makes. Languishing. 

Other days, most days, the current of the space between is a river. Raging after a storm. Rushing, frantic. Blustering about the need to get to the next activity, thing, event. The energy in these between spaces is frenzied, inattentive, wild, and often aggressive – even when it doesn’t mean to be. Like a gale force wind it knocks us around, taking our loved ones with it. Destructive. 


The space between is like a child or a small animal, content to endure small amounts of time untended. It is happy to simply exist there, to support us quietly, silently. The space between will sit and play with its toys alone for awhile. But go too long without tending to the space between, and it roars up. Becomes like a petulant child who needs to be seen. The space between will flail and have a tantrum. Create illness, sadness, anger. Disease.  The space between will do anything to get your attention. Even bring the whole system down if it must. Bring you to your knees and humble you. 

There is a belief that we need this humbling reminder to fully appreciate the space between.

I used to agree.

I have come to believe that the space between is very much like a flower, needing weeding and pruning, sun and sprinkles of water showered on it from above as it turns its face to the sun and glows radiantly. Brightening.  

The space between needs to be seen and heard. Acknowledged. Like an elderly grandma. The space between wants us to sit with it, hold its hand, and listen to the stories it has for us. So many stories, so many lessons. Of love. Of loss. Of appreciation. Of gratitude. 

Will you do that today? Sit with your space between? Listen to your breath as you take a long slow inhale. Hold it there and allow it to settle into all the nooks and crannies that need a breath of fresh air. Then listen as it moves out of you. 

Will you take a moment after crossing that task off of your to-do list to appreciate the time and energy you just invested in that achievement? Whether it be something as simple as putting gas in the car or something as major as completing a project. Just a moment or two to relish any lessons given from that activity. A moment or two to recall something pleasant or enjoyable from that experience. 

Will you take a moment to hold the hand of your space between today?  

Will you allow the space between to be the wind of your soul? 

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