This week I fell into a Pinterest hole. I can usually manage a few minutes here or there, but this week I was sucked in. My creative brain engaged and I expanded my home project list, found cute valentines and selected crafts for the kids to do during spring break week. Excellent. I’m ahead of schedule in a few areas because of my finds.

But I also found something else; a ’40 Bags in 40 Days Challenge’ photo from a few years ago. Created apparently as a part of someone’s Lent practice.

If you’re reading this and thinking “I don’t practice abstinence for Lent” – I’m right there with you. This challenge, my challenge, has nothing to do with Lent. It will begin on March 3rd which is the same week as Lent, but only to allow time to prepare, identify areas in my home to clean and purge, as well as select donation centers to receive any items being purged that can be recycled or up-cycled. Locally, I have an online garage sale page, as well. Some of my items will end up posted there for sale. Plus I’m traveling a few days between now and then. My intention is to remove any possible excuses for not doing this challenge.

I’ve downloaded a cute list page from Pinterest (why recreate the wheel?) and as I go about my activities, I’ll be adding to the list so that on March 3rd I’m ready to go.

The challenge will run for 42 days, seven days a week.

Over the month and as I do my ‘bag a day’ I will be posting photos to my Instagram and Twitter accounts with the hashtag #MS42bags. Follow me on either or both, if you choose, @Driftseed. You are also welcome to join me in this challenge.

If you’re used to participating in challenges for the possibility of a prize, this will likely be a first. I will guarantee a prize to everyone who participates, even for just one bag, one day.

The prize won’t be anything you receive in the mail from me – you’re clearing your junk, why would I disrespect you by sending you more? But you will feel a freeing, an unburdening, and your home will be cleaner for it. The prize is a spiritual and physical tangible improvement to self and your space. Nothing I could mail you would be better than that.

Ideas and suggestions of areas to clean and purge for me include:

  1. Kitchen appliances
  2. Coffee mugs (how many cups does one woman need?)
  3. Kitchen junk drawer
  4. Kid’s puzzle shelves
  5. Kid’s toy area
  6. Kid’s crafts
  7. Kid’s Books
  8. Video games
  9. Clothes closet (mine + kid’s)
  10. Jewelry cabinet
  11. Towels (holy hannah where did all these towels come from??)
  12. Garage (later in March, after it warms up from this Snowmageddon Polar Vortex we have going on)
  13. Garden area and supplies
  14. Cookbook(s) (Plural – I don’t even use cookbooks anymore… all my favorite recipes are in my Evernote)
  15. Magazines
  16. Oh … my Evernote… yep, probably need to clean that up
  17. Purses/Bags
  18. Blog drafts file (three years of half finished posts? Yikes)
  19. Email subscriptions, especially blogs – I use Feedly for the ones I actually read, I don’t need them in my email, too.
  20. To-Do Notes taped to walls all around my house for reminders
  21. Home décor
  22. Passwords (on financial sites especially) – seems to not fit here, right? But this is a cleaning task and how often do we do it?
  23. Ipod Playlists (I mean, really … July 2012 playlist? Time to mix it up!)

These are just some ideas I’ve brainstormed for me. Surf the net and Pinterest for ideas that appeal to you, your life, and your home. If you want to check out other ideas, example lists, and prep items I’ve found, you’re welcome to follow my board on Pinterest: #MS42bags. I’m @Driftseed.

I hope you join me. I look forward to any photos or comments you may have. For now, let’s grab those bags, make our plan, and get started!

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