I had an amazing experience recently. I was scheduled to attend a lecture hosted by a famous author. Okay, it was Liz Gilbert, who was scheduled to speak about her recent book “Big Magic” and the creative process of writing it. Or some such. I didn’t pay attention to the description because I didn’t care. It was Liz frikken Gilbert, and it was nearby and I was available. I was going. Period.

And it was amazing.

Early morning she decided that she would instead host an impromptu workshop for the attendees. And it was magnificent.

This woman is so deft on her feet that she was able to transform her scheduled engagement into something so powerful for the people in the room (and for herself – she did the exercises, too) and present us with such a lovely gift. I will forever be grateful.

Why? You are probably wondering what was the big deal. If you follow me, you know how much reading and personal development and such that I do. That is all great and wonderful. But lately I have stopped all of that. I have stopped reading personal development books and attending webinars and free this or complimentary that because there was no execution in any of it.

Let me say that again:

There was no execution in any of that.

I was full of ideas (other peoples ideas). Loud ideas. Ideas that drown my ideas out. Ideas that created fear and anxiety. “Do this, don’t do that”. “My success came from x, y, and z. Oh, you haven’t DONE x, y, and z??” And where was it getting me? Stalled. Nowhere. So much information coming from so many places and giving so many different directions to go. I would take a few steps only to be greeted by someone else’s panic monster waving it’s arms and telling me I was going in the wrong direction.

I had been backing away from it for awhile. Unsubscribing from mailing lists, unfollowing people on socials. No more ingesting. It was time to digest. More importantly, time to execute. Once upon a time, I executed first and analyzed later. (not a bad approach these days, by the way) What happened to that chick? She needed to come back and blend into this chick and get some momentum going.

And then along comes Liz …. and she breaks me open (her words).

Using the six main chapters from the book, Courage, Enchantment, Permission, Persistence, Trust, and Divinity, she spent three hours ‘breaking us open’. And through the breaking open, I made room within myself to digest the pieces I had cherry picked from all of my coaches and mentors and people I follow. I got more actual work done in the fourteen hours immediately following the workshop than in the prior two weeks put together. And I got a lot (A LOTTA LOT) done in those two weeks. And in the weeks prior to that. Ever since I stopped listening to others telling me what to do and started actually doing.

And by completing work, I am opening myself up to manifesting more work. The opportunities that have been coming my way have been unexpected and not what I would have thought I would have wanted. There is some heavy lifting to do. I look forward to doing it. For the first time in a long time, I understand WHY I am doing that work. And it isn’t because some course told me I should. It’s because it relates to my long term game plan, fits into the me I am and want to become, and makes my offerings more cohesive.

So what is my point with this rambling?

To tell you that it’s time. It is time to stop learning. You know what you need to know. Start executing. Take the first step. Don’t look. Just move. Movement creates movement creates more movement. Get moving and course correct as you go. Stop following other people’s paths. Unless you want to do exactly what they do exactly the way they do it, but I suspect if you’re reading my work, that isn’t who you are. Stop trying to figure it all out.

Want to be a writer? Pick up a pen, touch it to paper. It does not matter what the words are that come out.
A painter? Buy the paint, dammit. Spill it on the ground, play in it. Cover yourself with it.
Make something, draw something, write something. Create – something. It does not matter what.

Stop hiding in your learning and go make “it” happen.

You suck at it? Everyone does. Practice. That’s what the infamous “they” did.

Go. Do. Right. Now.

In light and love

**Need help getting that creation fired up? Have something in you that won’t come out? Send me a note via the Kickstart Your Curiosity page.

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