Aye yi yi  … I’ve missed you guys!

I’d like to write that I’ve been bogged down, busy with work and this activity, that activity. But that wouldn’t wholly be the truth. Yes, I’ve had those things in my life. Less so than before in so many ways, though.

I’ve been establishing boundaries.

The boundaries I’ve been establishing have included loved ones, friends, family, even myself and some of the things I needed and wanted to do. I’ve even allowed myself to be a little lazy. Seems the antithesis when one has so much to do, but it was very much needed.

But I’ve also focused on some areas that needed development.

For example, my last post mentioned that I would be spending Thanksgiving Day alone. That didn’t end up being the case. My plans changed shortly after that post was written. I ended up spending the day with someone very special to me. We did … nothing. Well, we ate and watched movies, but functionally nothing.

And it was wonderful. Exactly what was needed by both of us.

We had both been invited to other activities. We both practiced saying “No.” It was well worth it. Relaxing and refreshing. We were both able to go back to our lives much more energized than we would have had we rushed around from event to activity. Being “on” for the sake of others.

And you know what? I did it again. Christmas Day. I was alone, but it was a wonderful day. Watched a few movies, ate, drank, napped, read, nurtured myself. Something I rarely do. It was the perfect day. And because everyone else was busy with family, I had no distractions. Marvelous.

I’m doing it again. New Years Day. I’ll be alone again, but I am so looking forward to it.

I’ve had a few people question me. Alone? On a MAJOR holiday? Yes. Alone on a MAJOR holiday. Because you know what? I can be. I needed to be. And no one was around to interfere. The perfect time.

But, many people hear the word “alone” and equate it to lonely.

They are not the same. One can be alone and be wholly content. And one can be in a room with hundreds but never have felt so lonely in their whole life. I’ve done both. I much prefer alone to lonely.

And truth be told, one must be able to be alone in order to enjoy the company of others fully.

I find that loneliness comes from misaligned expectations. We’ll be exploring expectations in the next few posts. After all, boundaries and expectations do go hand in hand.

Until then, Happy Holidays, however you choose to celebrate or abstain. New posts coming in the New Year.

In Light & Love



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