“Clutter isn’t just the stuff in your closet. It’s anything that gets between you and the life that you want to be living.”  Peter Walsh

When I tell people that I am an aspiring minimalist, they often look around at my big house and all my stuff with a raised eyebrow. Justifiably. I have a too big house for the inhabitants and way too much stuff. Throwbacks to a past life, all of it. It, collectively, is on it’s way out the door.

And I was moving along quite nicely with that. Purging and clearing clutter, emptying cupboards, leading and participating in challenges aimed at having fun while getting rid of the junk – scroll through the old posts, you’ll see them. It was fun, exciting, inspiring. Beyond the physical clutter, I was purging old beliefs, negative thoughts, negative people. I was setting up my inner circle of those trusted and valued contributors. People to whose lives I could also contribute – reciprocal relationships.

But then something happened.

I allowed a very large item of “clutter” into my life. And that item of clutter is the very definition of that quote above. I allowed it to come between me and the life I have chosen. Between me and my family time, my business building time, my workout/health time. Between me and time with my friends. Between me and the physical clutter congesting my house. And it did what clutter does. It got in the way,

Most importantly, I allowed this item of clutter came between me and my authentic self. (More on that in subsequent posts)

By choosing to allow this clutter into my life, I actively chose to set aside all of those other things. I chose to set aside myself. Only briefly, but briefly was long enough. “Briefly” did a significant amount of damage to the important things in my life.

That particular item of clutter is gone now, replaced by a new, much less intrusive and more beneficial item of clutter. The reminder of that clutter remains, though. As does the physical clutter that was mid-purge. And so, as we enter the season of holidays and consumerism, I begin again my assault on the clutter in my life.

Will you join me again in this endeavor toward the removal of the unnecessary? Those items, thoughts, beliefs, and even the occasional person who no longer serves you on your journey. Those items which no longer bring you joy? I will again be posting to my Instagram feed (@Driftseed) using the hashtag #ClutterTamersMS. You’re welcome to join. The more, the merrier seems contradictory on a post about less … but writing it brought a smile to my face.

Until next time … that’s just my pennies.

In Light & Love,

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