For me, day one of September was a flurry of activity. While others were out on boats and at beaches and playing with friends and neighbors, I stayed home – with intention. I chose this particular weekend BECAUSE no one else was going to be around, distracting me.

What did I do with this intention? 

I focused on my goals.

In the area of finance, I set up the budget for this month, closing out last month’s budget, doing my quarterly review of my goals seeing where the gaps are for the coming quarter and end of year.

In the area of health, I spent a good bit of the day on Saturday perusing local farmers markets and stocking up on fresh fruits and veggies. Then juiced Saturday, Sunday, and even into the following week. Purging my body of all that summer junk food and drink. And I went on many walks. (as a note… you should not do heavy workouts if you are fasting . Gentle movement, though, is a requirement to reap the benefits of a cleanse).

And in the area of clearing the clutter from my house to make room for new and shiny and prosperity, I took down the better portion of a willow tree that had been planted, by accident, too close to my house. Did general housekeeping, but didn’t make it to the light maintenance I wanted to get done.

1% a day, right? I think I tackled a good 10-15% that particular weekend. Which allowed me the freedom to tackle a few more items over the past three weeks. Well worth missing out on the sunburns and hangovers I’m seeing in some of my feeds.

Anyway … why do I share this list of accomplishments? To also share the series of questions I was asking myself as I worked through each activity.

  • Are the goals you set earlier still the goals you want to achieve?

  • If not, have you written down and clarified your new goals?

  • If yes, how far did you come with your goals for the year?

  • Are you celebrating your successes? Even small ones.

  • How much further do you need to go?

  • What are the tools and resources you need to get there?

 My goals are the same, but not the same, they needed tweaking, revising and clarifying further. They, and I, needed new sources and inputs and inspiration.

 And my quest for those made me realize I needed something different.

 For the past two years, I’ve been trying to tackle many large projects. All at the same time. Not just projects, but life changes. Big. Huge. I came out of the gate at the beginning of 2012 with six business ideas/goals (but no plan), a financial goal (but no plan) and a health goal (but no plan) … see the theme here? And I had been stressing myself trying to meet those goals and failing.

 What I was missing – was prioritization.

 And in the clarity of that weekend, I suddenly (one year and nine months later) knew where to begin.

 More to come ~ 


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