Every now and again we have the opportunity to rebuild ourselves into something new and fresh. I’ve had one of these opportunities this year and have taken full advantage of it.

I’ve assessed myself and selected carefully the personality traits I wanted to keep and expand upon as well as new ones to develop. It has been a very gratifying experience and I have had some of the most wonderful support.

The downside of this evolution is this: we cannot always remove from our lives the people that cling to old ways and thoughts.

 Negativity. Assumptions. Anger.  Fear.

 If we are moving out of these emotions while people in our lives are firmly rooted in them, it can create a great deal of stress when we have to interact with them.

I’ve had to experience this within the past few days.

Feeling again those old feelings was an eye opener as to how far I have come in such a short period of time. How much strength one person can muster from within themselves. And that’s really where it comes from – regardless of how much support you have around you.

But it’s also an eye opener in other ways:

While I was in the midst of this interaction, I sent a text to a good friend of mine who is familiar with the situation. In the message, I described how I was feeling and noting that I could not believe I had lived with those feelings for so long. How different I feel now.

I also posed the question to this friend asking how people could possibly have been friends with me during that time. I’m sure I wasn’t much fun to be around… the response warmed my heart:

“We loved you and could see love in you.”

{long pause here while I collect myself, … again.}

We loved you.

What a wonderful thing to receive from someone at a time when you’re feeling so much anxiety.

This experience has provided me with some of the most wonderful gifts.

  • Genuine, unconditional, love from another person (a few people, actually… I truly am blessed )
  • Gratitude within myself for that person and the others who have helped support me
  • Loving towards myself for moving beyond

There are more, so many more. But I’m sure you get my meaning and where I’m headed.

If you are reading this and you are feeling dark or alone – surrounded by negativity, to you I say:

Embrace the light

It’s scary to climb over the fence, but there are people with open arms on the other side. You might have to go through some tangles and weeds and battles to get here. But once you’re there – ah! Such a difference.

It’s amazing how quickly you can open back up if you allow yourself. Like a flower peeking through the snow to reach the sun.  I have visions of tulips poking through frosty snow as I write this.

If you are reading this and you suspect someone you know is in a dark or lonely place, embrace them. Show them there is light. You can’t make them go to it, but you can remind them that it exists. Be there. Let them know you’re there.

If you’re lucky enough to be in neither of these situations, I’d still ask that you put positive energy out there. You never know when a warm gesture, a smile, an offer of assistance might just change another person’s day. Or their complete path/direction forward.

As always,

In Love & Light


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