One of the most expanding and enlightening activities I have ever partaken in was a conscious effort at increasing gratitude. I recently spent 21 days doing a daily semi-guided meditation with a friend of mine who was 5 states away for most of that time, and then an ocean away for the last few days. In that short expanse of time, I have experienced a deeper opening of my heart and soul and feel more connected than I would have thought possible simply by changing one small thing in your day – adding gratitude. 

Here are some moments of synchronicity I have enjoyed recently due to my increased awareness and focus on gratitude:

  • A parking spot in a busy parking lot right in front of the store I needed to go to.
  •  The outfit I wanted for the day, but was sure was dirty – hanging in the closet. 
  • Items I needed being on sale, as a surprise, at the checkout. 
  • A phone call from someone who had been on my mind. 
  • Rain when I needed to be working in the house, but would have been distracted by outdoor chores if it had been sunny. 

And so many more. I could list for days.

I intend to continue building on this feeling, this expansiveness. This growth. I want to continue to manifest the prosperity I have seen during this time since I began this gratitude meditation.

For the next 30 days, I intend to practice intentional, conscious gratitude every day. 

My Plan
I have delighted in noticing all the little things. A dancing dragonfly, a light turning green just as I pull up, having just enough cash in my wallet for the purchase I want to make, a post in my feeds about a book I’ve been thinking about, and so many more. I want to continue this delight as well as share it. Expand the awareness.

I will be taking a photo of one gratitude image every day (maybe more than one) and posting it to my Instagram (@Driftseed) account using the hashtag #GratitudeExpands. For those of you who do not have Instagram accounts, I will share to my Facebook (Mosaic Starfish) and Twitter (@Driftseed) feeds, as well. 

I invite you to join me. 

I would love it if we could make this a collective effort of sharing the things that delight us, or even frustrate us if they make us grateful or teach us a lesson. 

Will you join me? Beginning on the first of the month, will you post a photograph of something that makes you feel grateful and use the hashtag #GratitudeExpands? If you are on Instagram or Twitter, feel free to tag me, if you’d like (@Driftseed). You can also follow me on Periscope. I make be Scoping some of my gratitudes, as well. It’s such a fun new way to be social. 

Who is in? 

Come with me. In Light and Love. 
Namaste ~ 

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