Last week I put a challenge out there.

It was a soft challenge, entirely up to you whether or not you participated.

But I’d like to hear from you this week. If you accepted the challenge, what did you do? Comment below this post.

The actual challenge was to find an item or items to move forward. Tangible items that were no longer providing you with the positive energy that they should.

What did you move?

Beyond the actual challenge, there was also encouragement to take a few other actions: inventory your life (stuff, people, activities), to assess that inventory, to proactively and actively search for ways to have more positive energy toward the stuff, people, or activities, and finally to remove them or yourself if that is the solution.

Did you do it?

Did you take an inventory of the people and stuff in your life? Not necessarily a physical inventory written down in a list. But a metaphysical or mental inventory, an emotional accounting.

Were you surprised at who and what you found on your list?

Did you go to the next step and assess that inventory for positive and negative influences? Have you identified who and what are beneficial to you – OR – to whom and what you are beneficial?

Are you taking action from that identification? No hurry – sometimes it is difficult to decide to remove ourselves, others, or possessions. This isn’t a quick process. You can’t always just rip off the bandage. Sometimes we need to be gentle with ourselves.

If you couldn’t move on for whatever reason, any reason, did you proactively or actively focus on the positive? Did you look for areas of growth and energy on which you can focus?

I had multiple self-responses to my own challenge: I identified a number of physical items that can be moved forward. These are ready to be posted on my local Facebook yard sale page (awesome concept!).

I also reinvented my “Me Space” or gym/workout/yoga/play area. I cleared the space in its entirety and only put back items with positive energy designed to help me grow (or get skinny, as the case may be in a gym).  The space has been scrubbed and cleaned. Now I have five workouts under my belt in the space and each has left me feeling better than the one before.

I’ve taken a very large step and made a major financial decision that will remove a person of negative energy from my day to day life. Where previously this person had free access, they no longer do. The door is closed. They must ask permission to be allowed in.

I’ve taken an inventory of the positive influences in my life. I’m working my way around to them and expressing gratitude while also looking for ways I can be a positive influence back to them. This has included adding a task to my system. Whenever they mention something I want to remember or follow up with them about later, I make myself a note. The next time I speak with them, I have the note and remember to ask – I want to know, but sometimes need a little help remembering to actually ask. Sounds like what you’d do for important tasks at work, right? That’s because it is. If these people are important to you, build showing it to them into your system.

Sound off – post your comments below. If your response was private, feel free to message me. I look forward to the feedback and great ideas!

In Light & Love



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