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                         Capture Life’s Stories

I raise my head from my books and look around to see that an entire year is gone. Passed. In a flash. Not a bad flash, this isn’t a negative thing. Just an observation. 

Life has changed so much in that past year. All of the plans and to-do’s I had at this time last year are gone.

Not completed, removed.

Not replaced. Life became complicated so we simplified. We chose, consciously what and who we wanted in our lives. 

Love, space, kindness, support.

Then we removed everything else.

I continue to remove, streamline, minimize. I question every step, every action, every meeting/outing/activity. I choose carefully. Cultivating my experiences. 

I have learned to value and cherish my time and to stop spending it wastefully. Like so many people, I still spend too much time and energy in Facebook and Netflix (gosh darn it, but they have some amazing writers and shows this year!). And I still spend more time in my books than with actual people, and winter is coming. This year, I will spend less time hibernating, more time popping my head out of my house. 

Maybe I will see you out there. Also living an intentionally simple life. 

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