It’s just $5, it’s only 5 minutes, I’ll only be a minute, it’s only one dollar more.

We wonder why we don’t have more money, more time, more this or that, yet as I walked through a Craft market and then through the shop at an Apple Orchard, I heard it from others as much as I heard it from myself.

 ‘Look how cute!! And it’s just $5!’

‘Oh, get this one, it’s only a dollar more!’

‘I’ll be right back in just one minute.’ (Thirty minutes later he was still waiting for her)

These are all examples of excuses we make to ourselves. To each other.

And then wonder why we don’t have enough money or time to fulfill our dreams.

Starting today, I plan to stop robbing myself of my future with ‘it’s just’ and ‘it’s only.’

Come with me? Let’s make a pact to stop nickle and dime’ing ourselves out of our precious pennies, moments, and memories. 

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