I’ve had writers block lately. Not just lately… for months.

I keep getting great ideas for posts and series of posts. I capture great thoughts, I do research, collect data, clear time in my schedule to write. And the words just won’t come. Or they come, but they aren’t cognizant… you know it’s bad when you don’t even know what point you’re trying to make.

So I haven’t written. Not one single post.

Until tonight.

I decided enough is enough.

What happened to push me? I belong to an International “family” called Morning Coach. One of the other members liked something I posted on our Facebook community and reached out to me for some help and guidance (so flattered). He wanted someone to point him in a direction and be an accountability partner. I said absolutely, happy to help.

Today after I touched base with him, I realized that I need to be my own accountability partner, as well. I committed to all of you a year ago that I would put up one post a week. One per week. I have sufficient time to do this, ideas, things to talk about and share. But it isn’t getting done.

Why not?

According to what the universe is telling me, I lack consistency.

I agree.

So, new commitment. Well, same commitment.

One post per week. I’m not going to try to get all fancy or elaborate. I’m just going to write.

What will I write about if I’m not working on elaborate topics and drawn out series? I don’t know. I’m trusting the universe to keep giving me great ideas.

Anyway. Until next time.

Just Write.

In  Light & Love



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