Three weeks ago, I put up a post about being consistent and keeping the writing flowing. You haven’t seen it, but it’s been there. I’ve been here, writing.

The challenge is, I try to stay positive. This is a place for happiness and growth. And the thing that happened a few weeks ago that set my writing fingers in motion was a minor but very, very frustrating situation.  I wrote a great post about it when it happened, but have been actively working to tone down the negativity in the message. Scale it back. So that the lesson I received from the situation becomes a shareable lesson rather than putting out a blog post from which people only hear the rant.

It’s certainly a rant-able situation. Someone else’s actions cost me more than four hours of my time and were the direct cause of a failed goal. Well, not failed, but severely postponed.

But the lesson in that, the lessons – actually. Important. Good stuff.

Trying to find a way to communicate the lesson without providing the background situation is difficult. Lessons are easier to convey when they are accompanied by a story.

I’ll keep working on it.

Until next time ~

In  Light & Love


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