This past weekend where I live it got hot. Really hot. People were out in shorts, bathing suits, and less (yikes!)

Some were wishing they had stuck to that New Year’s Resolution to work out and lose weight before beach season. Some were very pleased with how they looked and happily shared it with the world. (Yay them!)

{wait, wasn’t this post supposed to be about Meal Planning?} uh huh …

Most people begin a workout program, training, or conditioning and jump right into the exercise portion of the weight loss. We forget – because we haven’t been conditioned to remember – that weight loss begins with what goes in the body.  Everyone says less calories equals more weight loss, but how do we switch to less calories?

We need to plan.

Our food is our fuel. We choose if it’s good fuel or junk fuel. We need to start with the food. *That’s not meant to discourage anyone EVER, from working out. If you want it and your doctor approves it, go for it. But remember to fuel appropriately if you want to see results.

I’ve seen a lot of ‘get fit’ or ‘lose weight’ programs. Most come with some handy recipe book that demonstrates the type of ‘meals’ you should be eating in order to be successful with that program.

Most of the meals in the recipe booklets are boring. Or worse, gross. Not foods that anyone is going to give up their fast food hamburgers, boxed processed foods, and other common American diet staple foods to eat.

We’re slowly modifying our fitness, we need to slowly modify our eating habits, as well.

This post is the kick off to a series to help us get started with that modification. As the title of today’s post would imply, we’ll be talking first about meal planning.

What does meal planning have to do with fitness?

Again, the fuel that goes in drives EVERYTHING. Weight loss (or gain), energy (or fatigue), skin conditions, allergies, the list goes on; all are impacted by what we eat. Want to lose weight? Plan. Plan your meals, your workouts, plan.

The added bonus about meal planning is that it can also help us with our productivity, our time management, and our budget. We’ll talk more about those as we go.

Setting, shopping, and sticking to a meal plan simplifies life. No more 5:00 dash to fill empty grumbling tummies with whatever is quickest. You’re less likely to cheat if you have a plan.

As the adage says, Failing to Plan is Planning to Fail.

So let’s get ourselves set up for success.

Coming next, where to start….

In Love & Light


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