I’m fighting with an irritation today, an irk (I like that word) … lack of responsibility with wireless devices.

I’m receiving an increasing number of emails from people with smart phones that have the words “from my {insert wireless device here}, please excuse typos” in their auto-signature….

I have a smartphone. It has spell check. Just like everything else these days. And even if it didn’t, I can take 2 seconds to proof MY own writing.

I often don’t proof, especially IM’s, and I am known to send some weird messages. but that’s on ME, it’s not the fault of the device – including auto-correct. (Though I do love those funny screen shots that circulate…)

I’m frustrated with these in a personal setting, but when I get them in my professional email, it really irks me…

Take a minute please people. A quick read. especially when your message is associated with a company or business that has other employees… your messaging also reflects upon them and their professionalism. Own the responsibility of your appearance to others.

/rant off

Carry on with the joyous weekend~


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