I’ve been getting a lot of questions lately – what is Mosaic Starfish, what is your intention, what do you want to do?

The concept behind Mosaic Starfish as a blog is to share the knowledge I’ve tirelessly collected through the years.

To help educate people about better easier, cheaper ways to do ~ everything ~ and do it in an environmentally friendly efficient way.

Most importantly, how to take this information and build it into systems that we build into day to day activities.

Presented in bite sized, easy to read and digest ‘blurbs.’

In a positive way.

If you’re like me, you are tired of being bombarded with what you shouldn’t be doing, or what you should be doing. Lengthy articles about the dangers of this or the hazards of that.

Maybe you feel like you can’t do due to a shortage of funds, time, support, whatever the excuse you are telling yourself. (It is an excuse, we’ll explore this later)

I want to give you useful tips to help you tweak what you’re already doing and keep tweaking it until the dial has turned (so to speak) and you are where you want to be.

I have five “principles” (or starfish limbs) where I will be focusing my discussions and ideas and push. This may sound disjointed but really it’s not.

All of these principles feed into each other.

You can’t have one without the other.

Don’t believe me? Try keeping your house organized when you are frazzled and unhealthy. We’ve all been there.

So what are the five principles or area of focus?

1. Organization (putting your life together in a way that gives you the structure necessary to support the changes you want to make or lifestyle you want to keep, planning & preparation)

2. Health & Wellness (food & fitness – organic, non-processed, healthy food to support a body & mind in motion)

3. Environmental (caring for the environment, taking care of it for future generations)

4. Frugality (these others do not need to cost money to achieve)

5. Community (we grow through sharing. Our community is larger than those in our daily lives – that it’s growing and expansive and fluid. We need to nurture it. To do that we need to share our knowledge and our beliefs and get people to help us practice because in the long run it makes it better for everyone.)

Get engaged. Read and contribute.

All POSITIVE ideas welcome. Some of our topics may get dirty or be a little nasty (especially the food industry!) Get angry if you must, but be constructive with your comments.

Feel like you still can’t do it alone? I’ll come to you, where ever you are feeling out of control. We’ll spend some time together and I’ll help you build a plan, help you get your plan started, and help you work your plan.

Together we’ll get you where you want to be.

The systems we implement together will evolve. You’ll need to adapt to evolve with them.

I’ll help you do just that.

So will our community.




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