Open Scene …. woman runs across stage to the sound of background music playing “Purgin’ Purgin’ Purgin” set to the tune of “Rollin’” by Limp Bizkit, fist pumping and yelling “Woot, Woot, Woot” ala Arseno Hall….
Too goofy? That’s okay. This is how I feel today, goofy, cheesy, and energized. Lightened and buoyed by the sheer volume of stuff leaving my house. Fired up to purge more. Everywhere I look instead of seeing clutter and feeling a weight, I see possibility. Instead of feeling overwhelmed and having a desire to shop for organizing bins, I’m looking at my organizing bins trying to decide if it’s time for them to leave my house with their clutter friends.
Some of the stuff that has left my house is stacked neatly on plastic shelves in my garage, but it is out of my house, out of my space, and ready to generate some abundance for me.

Why the shelves?” you might ask. Well, locally, we have a Garage Sale page in Facebook. Everything that was still in excellent shape, which a lot of my things are, is getting posted to that site. Not only is it clearing out of my house, hopefully the purging of it (read: selling) will bring in some play cash. I have car maintenance coming in a few thousand miles, a hiking trip in three weeks, and a fall “Bucket List” trip scheduled. I’d love it if my clutter clearing could fund all of these. Putting that intention out there right now!

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The Shelves ~ ready to sell

Purging doesn’t have to mean adding to the landfill. What items do you have in your home that could make great gifts? Could mean something to someone? I have a “Better Homes Cookbook” I bought 20 years ago. Never used it (can someone say Internet?). Nor will I use it. But I’m sure I know some young couple getting married this summer that would love it. 

I’ve offered my Art History text books (Why oh why do we feel compelled to keep our college textbooks??) to a friend who has a niece that wants to go to private art school and is working to raise the funds. The books may be older than what she’d be studying, but the Impressionists aren’t going anywhere. It’s a possibility to give her a head start, if she’s interested.

I just delivered two bags of clothes to Goodwill , as well. Extra kitchen supplies went to my boyfriend who will make use of them, whereas I just had them clogging up a drawer I needed but it was the only one in which they fit.

Was there something you borrowed from someone else along the way and forgot to give back? I found a few of those items, too {insert sheepish grin HERE}.
I spent a few hours cleaning out old photos and electronic file folders just the other night. I freed up almost a gigabyte of space on my hard drive through e-purging. 

The recycling bin has been overflowing the last two pickup cycles.

Get crafty, get clever, but most importantly – get clearing. Look around today and see what you can send out of your space. Make way for abundance to flow. 

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