I don’t usually like to just re-post other people’s work without at least providing some commentary, some feedback, my view point. Today, I don’t need to do that. The original work is so powerful in itself.

This morning one of my coaches read two poems in his daily podcast. It was very exciting for me. The first one he read was one I’ve heard often recently and intended to go look it up. Now I don’t have to. It’s Marianne Williamson, the ‘Our Deepest Fear’ quote from her book “A Return to Love” (Her website is here: http://www.marianne.com/).

The second poem he read is my totem, my mantra. You can read the poem here: http://goo.gl/Rin6B. I’ll write a post about how and why it inspired me within the next few weeks.

Both poems touched me deeply when I first heard them. Not since the first time I heard “Nothing Gold Can Stay” by Robert Frost have I been so touched. I can’t hear or read any of these writings enough.

Read them. If you haven’t already. If you have, read them again. And again.

And then today – go out and let your light shine. Live your glory. Make a difference to that one, even if YOU are that one today.

In Light & Love

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