Its been awhile since I wrote. Its also been awhile since I knew why. I’ve had plenty I want to say, to share, to rant about, to celebrate. So many things. But I could not get the words to form into coherent sentences.

Then today it hit me.

More accurately, the dam released.

And all those words began rolling out in a big jumble.

What did I do differently today?


I sat in silence.

Now those of you that follow me might be confused. I have a mindfulness practice. I meditate more often than not. So how could I not have had silence?

Guided meditations. Or music in the background meditations. Or the kid in the other room with the TV on meditations. or or or …

Today, for the first time in a long long time, I sat in just silence. Sure there’s white noise – the refrigerator, the washing machine, the birds outside, the dog snoring. But it isn’t the same.

Usually there is a TV on somewhere, or a TED talk, or a Periscope (I’m quite addicted), an audiobook, or even just music. Noise. So much noise. Too much noise for my creative little brain.

Now I know better.

Today, Silence becomes a part of my daily routine. I invite you to try it.

In Light & Love


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