As you may have noticed, I have fallen out of the habit of writing and updating this blog. Some people might take the opportunity to shut this one down and start all over again, fresh. I don’t want to do that. I love this little site and the small community it has. Many of you interact with me in Facebook or Twitter and I really enjoy that.

So, instead, I joined the free Start-A-Blog Challenge with Scott Dinsmore from Live Your Legend. This challenge comes with a free 7-day course to help build a successful writing habit. If you are also a writer, and want to join as well, you can access the free course and join the challenge here: The challenge also provides access to a private community of over 1,200 writers who have the ability to connect, hold each other accountable, share their work and help one another create their own unique form of art.

I was on vacation when the challenge began. The next few posts will be a combination of the day’s writing assignment and the “catch up” pieces. I will apologize in advance for the sudden bombardment of writing after such a long silence. The goal is to get back into the writing habit. With three blogs to write for and a book I am working on, it is certainly a muscle that needs building. I am looking forward to the ‘workouts.’

And…. without further adieu ~ on to the homework….

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