We live in a world of technology. Some use it endlessly (ahem, me), some use it on a limited basis. But the reality is, technology is here and here to stay.

I’ve had a cell phone for as long as I can remember and finally upgraded to a ‘smart’ phone a little over two years ago. Blackberry.  Loved it. Well, not the extra $20 per month just to be on the Blackberry network (that does nothing for you except provide yet one more free IM service that no one uses…) , but everything else. The small screen wore on me though. As did Tech Envy as friend after friend switched to the iPhone.

The win of Tech Envy over me coincided with the end of my contract with one provider whose service was beginning to decline. With one swoop I switched providers and fell headfirst into the Smartphone arena. After much research, I selected the Motorola Droid 4.

Love at first swipe of the touchscreen…. Slide out QWERTY keyboard. The clicks, the hums. Beeps and tinkles…. * sigh *

And despite a few quirks here and there, I was still head over heels…. Until this afternoon.

Today, my beloved Droid decided suddenly to fail. Big time… the screen won’t light. This is made more torturous because she still pings and tings every time an email comes in, a Tweet, a Facebook post or Tag, a Text, etc…I just can’t see whatever it is (Grrrrr) ~ This is made more frustrating because I was in the middle of a text conversation at the time…

This evening I had to run errands and leave the house. I expected to feel a little ‘cut off’ not having my sites ready at my fingertips.  I’m so used to constant access, I’m never without my phone or one of my computers.

I was surprised to find myself feeling liberated. Free. Quiet.

I had posted to my Facebook prior to leaving the house. People that would normally get ahold of me via IM, Text, Facebook, etc. had been notified.

The phone sat next to me in the car and didn’t make a sound.

The silence was wonderful. Though I did have to call myself as soon as I got home, just to make sure the phone hadn’t totally died. (I haven’t backed it up and need it to survive long enough for me to extract as much information as can be saved!)

It was a fascinating study of myself and my own behavior. The second I was back in the door, I called my phone (see above) and then booted my netbook to check email and Facebook. Before either could fully pull up, I shut them down.

And did something rare, for me.

I sat.

Just sat. Not for long, but I just sat and listened to my house, the wind, the birds, apparently I have tree frogs. I had heard them before, but never really listened. They sing a wonderful song.

I think I’ll do this again. I really enjoyed it.

This week, I challenge you to step out of your comfort zone. Do something radical and different – for you. It might be something someone else does every day, but it’s new to you.

Come back and post about it. I’m excited to hear some other options for solace.

In Light & Love



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