Today as I was listening to my one of my pod casts, I realized I don’t put enough gratitude out in the world. Certainly not as much as what I want to see put out there.

This pod cast, or Coach Casts as they are called by the author, was on the subject of Mentors.

As I was listening and thinking about those who have been a mentor to me through the years, I realized that I haven’t said thank you enough.

So, today’s post is a thank you.

Focused primarily at my mentors, but with the intention of including everyone that has a place in my life. Including the critics; even you give me the chance to grow.

In no particular order and I’m not intentionally leaving anyone out, but if I listed EVERYONE, we’d be here for days and days…. If you’re in my life, I consider myself blessed by the lessons we share.

Thank you.

To my parents, step parent, and ex-step parents who have been picking me up when I fall since that meant scraped knees and banged chins. Thank you.

To the Social Media Guru who has been telling me for years that I could be more. Pushing, without pushing too hard. Knowing when to encourage, not just me, but our community. Thank you.

To the Life Coach that blazed the path and tore down some of the walls (so now I don’t have to). I so very much appreciate your journey, your stumbles, your recovery. Your drive to help others succeed. Thank you.

To ‘my Work Wife’, who has been an incredible source of mentoring, guidance, friendship, and even abuse when needed. Where can I even begin? So many years you’ve had to put up with me. Thank you.

My Yogis. How I love you all, so much. From the first one who told me I MUST do yoga (you were so right, as usual), to the ones from whom I learn today and every day. It’s not just a series of asanas and pranyamas. You’ve changed my life. Thank you.

My Workout Buddy & Coach. For all the 5:00 am (and earlier!) mornings. For all the chats. I look forward to growing our businesses and relationships together. I hope I can be as much of a support to you as you’ve been to me. Thank you.

My Logo Goddess. Wow. You amaze me.  Words cannot say how much I thank you. If you had stopped when I said I was happy …  But even beyond the work you did for me, thank you for being a mentor, as well. When I see your family, my heart just glows.  You’re such an inspiration.  Thank you.

The final note of gratitude for this post:

My ex husband.

For pushing us off the fence.

If things had happened sooner.  Or later. Or differently, I would have developed a different path forward. My goals for myself and my career have changed drastically in the last 12 months, in even the last eight months. Revisions even this week.

Would I be on a similar path? Maybe, unless I’d failed so badly that I gave up. Or continued to listen to the word “no.”

Would I be enjoying my work? Sure. I imagine so. I hope so.

Would I be anywhere near to having the balance in life that I want?  Nope, most assuredly not.

Now, I’m not there yet, with the balance, but I know what it looks like. I know what direction to go to get to it. I can see it. It’s within reach. And I have people in my life that do have it or are close to it.  I’ve discovered the resources to teach me how to get there. I found the support and network and community that are in various stages of getting where I want to be. All these give me the opportunity to learn from them and grow into what I want.

I wouldn’t have these if our timing was different.

And, most importantly, I thank you for our son. So I have a reason beyond myself  to want balance in my life. He’s a blessing. Every day.

Thank you.

**This post was inspired by the March 29, 2012 Coach Cast “Episode 1393 Mentorship” from JB Glossinger, founder and CEO of Thank you also goes out to JB for spreading the energy.

This post was very cathartic to me. I hope it inspires you to recognize those in your life for whom you would like to express gratitude. Finding something to be grateful for every day is something we should strive to achieve.

In Love and Light


*Post script: Many of the mentors mentioned here are also business owners with Facebook pages. I intentionally did not ‘tag’ your pages or websites out of respect. If you want to be linked to the post, either message me and I will edit to include the appropriate URL(s) or feel free to tag yourself. If I can give back, even this small amount, please allow me. 

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