I – am a techie. I love my technology. I love to be connected …. via technology.

If you are a shop, manufacturer, service provider, government agency, whatever… with whom I can interact over the internet, I love love love you. Make it easy for me to do what I need to do when I have time to do it. Give me that freedom. I will think you are awesome sauce. I will praise you to the heavens. I am not even asking for a user friendly site (though that is certainly nice).

But please, for the love of my sanity, there must be people.

Things go awry. Sometimes, despite my best efforts not to, sometimes I need to speak with a person.

Trust me when I say this, I will avoid it if at all possible. I really will. But you can’t plan for every contingency. And if there is some random, weird nuance, some unusual question, some anomaly … I, I will be the one to find it. And when that happens, please do not make me surf the net, cycle through endless automated prompts, or other tech-wise solutions.

There must be people.

Yes, yes… I know some of you offer me other solutions. But do you really want an unhappy tech girl with a big mouth and fast fingers tweeting about her concerns? No, probably not.

There must be people.

I am not even asking for nice people, though they are preferable. If they are nice to me, I promise I will be nice to them. I won’t call them often, as rarely as humanly possible.

Just … please … people.

/rant off.


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