This week is all about the treats for me. I was recently gift shopping, preparing for the Christmas holiday.  One of the blessings (and curses) of holiday shopping is finding treats I myself enjoy.

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A few of my favorite treats (this week)

Lara Bars are one of my all time favorite treats and these tiny ones are perfectly sized for a nibble. I love all things Cashew.

I don’t eat soy or soy lectin, which makes finding chocolate difficult. Even more difficult, I limit, significantly, how much sugar I eat. Theo brand chocolates touch on all marks. And this new flavor, is even more delectable. The ginger and grapefruit are subtle, and yet luxurious.

These almond snacks…. oh my heaven. There are no words. I can’t decide which I prefer, the creamy or the crunchy. You try them and let me know your favorite. 

Halva with Vanilla. Ridiculously good. Just a smidge sweet.

I have been practicing a 24 hour digital detox weekly for the past few weeks, I’ll write about it shortly, and on that day off you are likely to find me on my couch with any one of these treats and a book. They are all perfect to slice into tiny nibbles and munch on with a delicious tea like that Numi Rose from last week. *sigh*

What are some of your favorite treats or things you reward yourself with? Tell me about it in the comments! 

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