I am actually really glad I decided to do this. It is quite fun paying attention to what I enjoy in life and why I enjoy it.
I finally bit the bullet a few weeks ago and began working through The Artist’s Way after years of ignoring it, picking it up, putting it back. My favorite are the assignments at the end of each “week” (aka chapter).  I don’t have the workbook, but I would imagine that it would be helpful. Pick up the book and the workbook together as a bundle.

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Treats for me are a daily occurrence. I strongly believe in pampering myself. You should too…. but treats for me are not typically sugary concoctions. They are something that fills my soul and brightens my day. This week’s treat is a delectable candle I picked up on a trip earlier this year. I burn this when I am beginning my daily rituals. The palo santo brings me right into the present. 
As we slip into the chilly days of fall, I am looking to pull my comfies out of storage …. the first one to come out was my Huggle. Yes. A Huggle. Don’t ask. Just try it. So comfy. 
I carry pens, pencil, markers and a small scissor with me pretty much everywhere I go. Which means I have a slight addiction to pencil holders. Of the many I have, this is my favorite. It stands up for easy access, fits in most of my bags, and even attaches inside a binder.
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I would love to hear from you – what are some of YOUR favorite things? If you aren’t sure, I challenge you to spend a week paying attention to the things you use in a day. What do you like about them? Enjoy your enjoyables! And then come enjoy them with us. 

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