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I have been loving writing again. Small stories. Updates to old stories maybe…. my fingers are finding their rhythm again and it feels wonderful. And as much as I want to be online, visible, writing, sharing, storytelling, my instincts are telling me I also need to be offline. And really, I have so much to do offline. 
And then I stumbled across this article from Courtney Carver. 
I wanted to start right away! Shut everything down, pack it away, and hide in the tech-freedom. 
But that defeats the actual purpose, doesn’t it? Hiding isn’t the point. Creating value is. And so I am moving slowly, chomping at the bit. Beginning October 1st, 2019, I will be participating in a weekly habit of unplugging for 24 hours, every week. Yes…. every. week. And of course, I will tell stories about it. When I’m back online, of course. 
If you’re in my friends or family list, you’ll be notified – via tech (oh the irony) – and I will have an auto-responder on my business pages, as well. 
I encourage you to do this, too. If you’re interested, drop a note in the comments. If we get enough people, I may just open a Facebook group for us to share our experiences. 

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