It had been so long since I have written anything that made it all the way through edit and actually posted on my blog that I have begun to hesitate every time I even sat down to write. It did not matter what the purpose of the writing was, nor did it matter if the writing was ever going to see the light of day. I could have words spilling out of every finger, until I sat down to put those fingers to the keyboard. Writing by hand wasn’t much better.

My logical brain knew that I had nothing to fear. After this long of a break, the only people watching were my friends and family anyway. But still. Fear. I was afraid to sit down, place hands on the keyboard, and just write. Let flow whatever words wanted to come out of me.

I became a master of distraction. One more conference call, one more book, one more “Artist’s Date”, one more class, one more podcast. one. more.

Until one day, I was staring down the barrel of a two question survey three days before a Mastermind. The survey asked “What is the biggest challenge you’re currently facing when it comes to your business and/or money mindset?” and”What would need to happen for this weekend’s event to be a big win for you?”

And the answer was honestly, push me out from whatever rock I had crawled under this week. Light the fire that would put me back out in front of the world, doing my job.

But of course, no mastermind, no coach, no mentor, leader or guide can actually do this for us. For me. For you. The fuse is buried deep within us and the pilot light can only be lit by ourself. And so I struck the flint. And wrote these words. And while they are most certainly not my best work, they are my work. And this is me, breaking down the damn.

Let come the flood.

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