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It’s that time again. The quarterly review prep.

I am reviewing my lists of goals, desires, progress. Reviewing wins, misses, failures, lane changes and more. Excuses and validations.  Cycling quickly through a wide variety of emotions. I succeeded here, failed there, won and lost. I’ve written the same words over and over for years: lose weight, get in shape, be more financially savvy, move to the next level with my businesses…. You know the drill.

This time is different. I say that every time. And every time, it is a true statement.

Every time I get to a review period, I am better at everything on my list than I was the time before. Small steps forward in many directions. But this time, this time I finally feel awake. In the past quarter, I have learned more than I learned in the three full years prior. I have learned what I am doing “wrong.” I had been told before, but this time I have learned. More than that, I have heard, finally, over the din of so many voices of others, I have heard my own voice. My own guides. My own path.

It is an amazing sound.

I encourage you to try it. Stop taking in more and more and more. Stop pulling in the voices of others. If you are like me, you’ve collected many. So many that you can’t even digest or action the lessons they have to share. Read, study, learn – by all means. But chew on it. Swallow it. Eat it up. Before you move to the next thing. Know why you are collecting the knowledge and how you will apply it before you invest the time.

I understand. I am a knowledge junkie. I am drawn to courses and books and study materials like a moth to a flame. When one mentor makes a recommendation, I pounce on it. I am a lifelong learner. It’s time, though, it’s time to put to use what I have learned. Which is a lot. I am a walking university.

I’ve made an agreement with myself.

No more courses. Books only for the courses I am currently subscribed to and then only for entertainment …. Which creates a large danger zone as my entertainment books are personal development books.

No more.

Currently sitting on my virtual course shelf are five business courses, three yoga studies books, and three personal development courses. Plus a finance book that is in itself like a semester of college. Looking at all of this brings the awareness that I have been hiding in my learning.

It’s time to stop the madness. I have a few business needs that would be met by me doing those courses then implementing what I learned, but I don’t want to. I have no passion or even a desire to acquire those skills. Someone somewhere told me I needed to have them. In reality, I don’t need them. At least, not right now. I am going to hire that work done for me. It isn’t in my best interest to spend the time learning those skills for a one time utilization.  Instead I will create abundance in someone else’s life and pay them to do what needs done.

This is the year of the “not doing list.” I will be taking things off my plate and giving them to others who want to do them.

And honestly, I am kinda tired of being told what to do. Even though it is done with love and the best of intentions. And often – at my request …. I had sought input with the hope that by listening I could avoid some of the pitfalls. By devouring lessons and stories of pain, I could avoid my own. But if studying the lessons of others is keeping me from taking massive steps forward, then that would be the biggest disaster of all.

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