So it’s Thursday already and you may (or may not?) be wondering where Tuesday’s post is….

Well, I went out of town last weekend but had the opportunity to write a truly awesome post. (IMHO) I was really excited about it, ready to do a little editing and roll it out for Tuesday.

Then Monday came. And a number of people in my circle, world, sphere (whatever name you choose) began to have the same issue. Negativity.

If you’ve been paying attention to me this year, you know I have really been listening to what the universe is telling me. I’m on a number of forward journeys and need the guidance.

I listened. Apparently the universe thinks people need to hear less about redefining self and more about keeping a positive outlook on life.

Sooooo…. the post this week will be delayed just a skosh more while I ponder out the best way to put the love and light out there in a way that’s the most beneficial….

(That’s another lesson the universe apparently wants me to learn – Patience. I’m working on it…)

In Love & Light



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