Cooped up in the house yesterday with an ill child, I spent a considerable amount of time cleaning, purging, reviewing, and the like. One of the piles I dug into was a two foot tall stack of magazines that have piled up because I had more important things to do and read.

It’s an interesting perspective to peruse two plus years of magazines … January purges, weight loss, organizational tips, general ‘get back in the saddle’ stuff. March/April it repeats. Different pictures, different recipes, same theme. Then again in the fall when school starts. And then we’re back to January.

Is this really how we want to continue to live our lives? Spend three months collecting ‘stuff,’ eating too much, drinking too much, allowing our skin to fester and sallow, our bodies to get pudgy … then a 21 day binge to right-side, clean everything out, organize, work out, diet, detox … then start the cycle again?

Really? This? This is our system? The system we want to pass on to our children?

I pose this question – why? Taking it all in at once is an eye opener, a revelation.

Don’t get me wrong, those smoothie recipes are a thing of beauty. The salads with the goat cheese and the fresh citrus? Yum. The work out routines, a lovely challenge. The colors, the energy. It’s all so very fresh and upbeat. 

But why are we waiting?

Start today. Right now. Really, what’s so special about January, anyway? Those foods won’t be in season, the veggies for the juices and salads will be shipped in containers for weeks and not be so fresh as what the pictures would have you believe.

Start today. Build your habits now. Why wait?


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