The Embodied Gratitude Experience

It is finally here!! The Embodied Gratitude Experience…. I have been working on this project throughout 2020. I am extremely excited to bring this to you FINALLY! I have spent the past few years researching the science behind gratitude, as well as the physical...

We are the Elders Now

We are the elders now. This thought comes to me, not for the first time. We are the elders now. I am remembering my mom making cookies from scratch. Battering chicken for frying. Whipping mashed potatoes. Lumpy gravy. She never could quite get all the lumps out. We...

Gratitude Expands (Again)

I am at it again! Spreading love and cheer and all things dear…. Anyway, Gratitude was mentioned in a post in a Facebook study group I manage. I asked the group if they would like to do an intentional Gratitude practice for 30 days and the answer was...

Are you worthy?

Once upon a time, I was taught to believe that I was unworthy.

Being Love

A few years ago, I was brought the lesson of hate, haters, negativity. I was brought this lesson in the form of those people who “love” us. I was brought this lesson by those people who I had thought were my greatest supporters.

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