The Choice Is In The Action You Take

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  I feel like the world is rushing by at a million miles per hour. I can’t focus on any one thing, no matter how important, I am not accomplishing anything. I am distracted by the next brightest, most shiny task. I am not eating the right foods or getting...

Purge Update

Open Scene …. woman runs across stage to the sound of background music playing “Purgin’ Purgin’ Purgin” set to the tune of “Rollin’” by Limp Bizkit, fist pumping and yelling “Woot, Woot, Woot” ala Arseno Hall….
Too goofy? That’s okay....

42 Bags ~ How did you do?

I’ll be honest, I didn’t get 42 bags. Not because I didn’t have 42 bags worth of junk to purge, but because life gets in the way of good intentions. But those 28 bags that did go out freed me and helped me feel lighter. Oddly, one of the bags was to...

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